About us.

About us

Telstar Computers is Northern Jersey’s Neighborhood Computer Services company.

Dr. Samuel (Sam) Thomas founded the company 17 years ago. His personal approach to customers’ needs and problems, and his attention to detail have helped build the company’s outstanding reputation in the Parsippany area. We strive to build a long-term relationship with our clients. We want to make sure you are satisfied with our products and services, so that you will want to come back to us when you have a need in the future. We want to be the computer services company of your choice.

We help you set your IT objectives consistent with your business goals. We diagnose your problems and issues, and we resolve them and implement solutions. Of course, we are always here to offer on-going service to help you accomplish your business goals. We consider our customers as partners. The products and solutions that we offer will be designed to perform optimally as your company grows under your business strategy.

Our mission

We are focused on Customer Service Excellence, provided by an experienced, committed and motivated team offering consistency of service and standards.

Our vision

To achieve excellence in Customer Service, we keep enhancing our technology and see for way to improve our customers to manage effiicently in regards to Time , Money, State of Art Systems.

Our values

Quality people, Quality Work Environment, Strong Client Relations, Leading Service Provider, Industry Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Innovative, meeting the changing needs of our industry.