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AMD Releases Interlagos Opterons With 16 Cores

AMD today has put its Bulldozer processor technology to work with the immediate launch and availability of its Opteron 6200 and 4200 Series processors (formerly codenamed "Interlagos" and "Valencia").

The "Interlagos" Opteron 6200 series features 16 cores, or more accurately, eight dual-core units and four memory channels. The "Valencia" Opteron 4200 features eight cores, or four dual-core units, and two memory channels.

In its own comparisons against an Intel Xeon X5670-based system, the Opteron 6276 scored an 84 percent higher performance in Linpack., in stream the Opteron 6276 had 73 percent more memory bandwidth over the Xeon X5670. Overall, AMD makes a case that its new Bulldozer-based Opterons are offer more efficient economics for cloud-computing needs with half the power per core, requiring two-thirds less floor space and up to two-thirds lower platform price.

AMD also announced the expansion of its 2012 roadmap with the addition of the new Opteron 3000 Series platform. The Opteron 3000 Series platform is targeted to the ultra-dense, ultra-low power 1P Web Hosting/Web Serving and Microserver markets. The first processor will be the 4-8 core CPU code-named "Zurich", expected to ship in the first half of 2012. "Zurich" is based on the Bulldozer architecture and leverages the new Socket AM3+. The Opteron 3000 series offering is designed for hosting customers who require dedicated servers for their customers. These cloud and web hosting customers appreciate the cost savings associated with a lower cost infrastructure, yet still want to deploy a server-class product with reliability and security features and server OS certification.