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Network Analysis

Secure and improve your network with Telstar Computers

We use the following network analysis tools which enable diagnosis of problems or allow exploration of all hardware on a computer network. They generally fall into three categories :

  • Packet Analyzers
  • Port Scanners
  • Hardware Scanners

Packet analyzers allow capture and display of individual messages being processed by your computers network card. Port scanners are designed to probe other computers or network devices on a network and report interesting information. Hardware scanners investigate what is on the network and report back what it finds. The key difference between what a port scanner does versus a hardware scanner is the area it is scanning.  Port scanners only focus on ports that are open and they sometimes attempt to see what is listening to that port on that device.  Hardware scanners on the other hand are more intelligent and look at the bigger picture of what the purpose of that device is and how it is interacting on the network. All of these tools are invaluable for those wanting to learn about networking or just want to investigate what is on their network and what each device is doing.

As tor the initial setup and for documentation , the steps that we follow to achieve this goal

  • Complete system documentation
  • Best practice analysis
  • Data backup analysis
  • Stabilization recommendations
  • Future Planning

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